Save time over Christmas

With Christmas rapidly approaching we’re sure many papercrafters are starting to get into action – creating cards, gift tags and embellishments for the festive season.

Let’s face it, the end of the year is always the busiest. Whilst we would love to spend endless hours perfecting our projects sometimes we simply just don’t have the time. Here are some tips to help papercrafters maximise their time during the silly season.

  • If you want a perfect result, some papercrafters swear by stamping on a foam pad. Ensuring your stamping technique is flawless will allow you to save time trying to achieve the ideal print. There are specialist foam tools available or you can use a piece of inexpensive craft foam if you want to test this theory out first.
  • When heat embossing, it’s best to remove all static cling which may cause the embossing powder to stick where you don’t want it to. Before stamping with your embossing ink, rub a powder bag or tool over the entire surface of the paper. You can then stamp your image with clear ink and pour embossing powder over the image. If you don’t have a powder tool, try just using a simple dryer sheet.
  • Have you overworked your favourite Christmas themed punch? Forget having to replace the punch – there is a much easier and inexpensive solution! You can try sharpening it by punching several times through a piece of tinfoil.
  • Papercraft perfectionists will relate to the frustrating moment you accidentally slip outside the lines after spending time carefully colouring-in a stamp or image.
  • Rather than wasting time starting again we suggest you simply colour over the ink with a white gel pen and let it dry.
  • Are you wanting to try a new technique but don’t have the budget to splurge on expensive new tools? You can cheap-out by testing ink blending techniques using a small sponge and a binder clip as a handle. Have a few small sponges on hand for every colour in your ink collection!
  • Create the perfect banner by inserting your strip of paper into a square punch and punching the corner into an even ‘V’ shape. This tip is sure to come in handy for anyone planning on including banners in their greeting cards.
  • DIY embellishments are essential for anyone wanting to save a few dollars on otherwise expensive pearls and accents. Stock up on white adhesive pearls and colour them with a Copic marker in any colour of your choice. Simple, inexpensive and effective!

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