Feathers – Altering with Michelle Grant

Feathers are a great embellishment often forgotten about because they are generally a straight feather and can be awkward to use on your projects. Altering a feather gives it a multitude of uses and can add a lovely soft touch to your projects. You don’t have to stop at just making embellishments why not make a feather flower and add a hair clip to make gorgeous feather flowers to wear. The different feathers used in this article are straight turkey feathers and small soft guinea feathers (guinea feathers have a gorgeous spotted pattern on them). There are several ways you can alter feathers; Colouring, Stamping, Cutting, Curling and moreTurkey feathers work best for stamping, cutting and curling.

Stamping Feathers: Use a permanent ink to stamp onto feathers. Clear stamps used without an acrylic block is easier for getting the image over the spine of the feather.

Stamped Feathers


Colouring Feathers: You can colour the feathers with spray inks, paints, dye’s, pens, alcohol inks even Gelatos. Almost anything can colour feathers. One thing to remember is that feathers tend to be slightly water resistant so you might need a couple of layers to get the colour to soak into the feather. If you are colouring white feathers the colours will dry lighter too.

Colouring Feathers

Altering & Curling Feathers: All you need to alter and curl a feather is a pair of scissors that open up. You can create stacked triangles, arrows and skeleton feathers as well as pretty curled feathers.

To curl feathers use the open blade of scissors to pull along the feather like curling a ribbon. Do this gently and go over one spot a couple of times to get the desired effect. Don’t put too much pressure or pull too hard, this can strip and fray the feathers.

Step 1 – Curling
Step 2 – Curling
Step 3 – Curling


Create skeleton feather by snipping out small sections vertically along both sides of the spine. To turn a skeleton feather into arrows cut the feathers shorter on the sides.

Step 1 – Skeleton
Step 2 – Skeleton
Step 1 – Arrow

Stacked triangle feathers are very easy to create, simply cut horizontally to the spine of the feather at regular intervals then pull away the pieces that fall out.

Step 1 – Stacked Triangle Feathers
Step 2 – Stacked Triangle Feathers


Feather Flowers: Create a feather flower by starting with a circular piece of felt. Cut a small circle out of the centre of the felt before adding the feathers, this makes it easier to add a brad later. Take a hot glue gun and glue small guinea feathers around the felt and add bling/ button/ stamens or a brad to the centre of the feather flower.

Step 1 Feather flowers


Step 2 – Feather Flowers

“DISCOVER” By Michelle Grant


Materials Used:

Kaisercraft – Sandy Toes Paper – P1706 Flip Flops

Kaisercraft – Sandy Toes Paper Pad – PP957 6½ x 6½

Kaisercraft – Sandy Toes Collectables – CT814

Kaisercraft – Botanical Odyssey Rubons – RB980

Basic Grey Wholy Cow Rub ons – Euro Edge

White Cardstock Scrapmatts Words 01 – CB1189

Studio 490 Crackle Texture Paste

Feathers – White

Jo Sonja’s Jade Paint

Atelier Titanium White Paint

StazOn Ink – Black

Donna Salazar Stamp – DS-6386

Stanza Martha Stewart Punch Chevron Fence

Black Pen

Tip 1: Stamp over a feather with a permanent ink to add a pattern to a feather. Wipe down the centre of the spine after stamping to bring the spine back to white. The colour and stamping resists on the spine.

Tip 2: Add the hot glue to the feather you are adding rather than the base. You don’t get as big of buildup of glue in the center doing it this way.

Tip 3: Dig out some of those old rub ons you have had in your stash for years! Sometimes they make the perfect touch to finishing a layout! 

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