Kids Krafts – With Kelly Huddy

My name is Kelly Huddy and I am a Primary School Teacher, an Artist and a Mum to a car 3-year-old car enthusiast.

As a child I absolutely loved drawing, colouring and creating collages. I could spend hours by myself with a scrapbook making pictures with no other purpose than to have fun.
However, no two children are the same and while this is something some children would love to do, others would detest the idea. This does not mean that only some children should be exposed to arts and crafts, all children should be encouraged to ‘have-a-go’.

As a mum to a typical car loving little boy, I make time each week (sounds great in theory but we all know that this can get difficult with day to day chores) to plan different hands on activities for us to do together. It can be messy and sometimes hard to clean out of the carpet…even after reinforcing the entire room in plastic knowing that eventually the floor will become my sons intended canvas….but these are some of the most treasured and special moments we have shared together. The activities promote communication, laughter and should not have to feel like a task you feel as though you ‘have to do’.

There are also art and craft ideas that can be planned for children that promote independence and that require little involvement from the parent or adult.
Children need to experience their own forms or creativity and explore various mediums in order to develop their own sense of identity, individuality, achievement, satisfaction and sometimes even disappointment. As the parent or adult you are there to support, of course supervise, and motivate the child/ren. Children should not be put down for having-a-go at any activity and should always be praised for what they have achieved.

Each fortnight I will be providing a blog for parents and adults with ideas of arts and crafts that can be planned for you and your children to enjoy together and even for your children to enjoy independently. I will write about my own experiences of having planned the activities with children and even provide photos of the process and outcome!

I look forward to sharing these with you!

Kelly x




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