Nuvo Crystal & Glitter Drops – Deni Sargeant

I have recently started using a new product to the market for crafters from Tonic Studios – Nuvo Crystal Drops. This is a really great product for any crafters who love to use enamel dots. You can also purchase them in Nuvo Glitter Drops – same product with glitter added for that extra little sparkle.

With the Nuvo Crystal Drops they dry in a dome type shape similar to that of an enamel dot, creating them yourself allows you to create them in the size you are after.  

You can add them straight onto your creations or you can create them onto an acrylic sheet or heat mat and once dry you can them remove them and pop them onto your creations using something like Ranger Multi Medium Matte (with a precision tip added). 

It only takes a few hours for these to dry and they look just as great being applied as they do once dried.


























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