Tip – Book of ME

As Scrapbookers we are always taking photos of our families and friends but don’t find ourselves behind the camera.Take a moment to think about the last time you scrapbooked a photo of yourself. If it has been a long time, then now is the time to change this.

As we are preserving memories for our future generations it is important to document what is going on in our lives – where we had our morning coffee, what our morning walk looked like.Today we can use our smart phones or cameras to shoot “selfie” shots. Go outside today, take a few shots of your day, come back inside print the photos and scrap this memory.

I have a “Book of Me“ album filled with scrapbook pages of my baby photos, pages of of me with my family, pages showing my goals and dreams, my hobbies, my daily life.I ensure I scrap at least one page for my Book of Me (whether it is an old baby photo or a new photo) every 2 weeks.Why not start a “Book of Me” album today for your family to treasure in future years and gain an insight into who you were and what made you “tick”.


Marelle Jackman


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