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I’m sure you all have a few spray inks in your craft stash. Or maybe you’ve had to buy extra storage because you have too many! Either way, I’ll have you buying more with some cool ways to use them on your cards!

I love seeing companies release new colours into their range of sprays. I have so many shades of pink it’s not even funny! But of course I need each and every one! Sprays have always been really popular in mixed media, but they’ve made their way into the world of cardmaking too. The most common way to use them is simply with a stencil. And there are so many varieties of stencils now you can create a unique background or add a splash of colour to any card in a matter of seconds! But there are a lot of other ways to incorporate sprays or mists into your project. You can add shimmer to a certain element, or tone down a vibrant pattern or colour by spraying white ink over it. You can create sceneries with green spray for grass, or blue for water! You can die cut an image and spray it, or use the negative of the die cut to make your own stencil! Spray onto a craft mat and add water for a simple smooching technique. Heat emboss a pattern and spray over it. Really I could go on for an age with ideas. The possibilities are endless!

I tend to use sprays a lot on masculine cards too. Its hard to find elements that are not too feminine to add to a boy card. But sprays in all sorts of colours can add a masculine touch.

Don’t have a particular colour? You can always mix your current colours, or use a re-inker from an ink pad and mix with a little water in an empty sprayer! Now you don’t want to spray them over your desk. Cut out one side in a cardboard box, place the item in there and spray away! It keeps the excess on the walls of the box and not on your floor or craft desk!

There’s no doubt sprays and mists should be a part of your craft room. Make sure they’re on display so you don’t forget to use them! And experiment with different techniques! They’re an easy and fun way to add some colour to your card!

Michelle Corlett


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