Art Time Fun with Your Little One

As parents, we want to engage in different fun activities with our children but sometimes we may not know where to start? In this article, I will share with you an art activity that is fun and that can be adapted for a variety of age groups!

Name of Activity: Nature Collage

Age range: 2+

Materials you will need:

Container/box for collecting

Drawing paper or cardboard

PVA glue

Textas (optional)

Newspaper/scrap paper for protecting the surface while creating the collage.

My son turned 3 earlier this year and loves hands on activities….mainly involving anything with wheels. He loves to get outdoors, and being the arty/teacher parent that I am, I try to incorporate his interests into art and craft activities.

Today weather wasn’t that great but I decided to take him outside for a bit of a nature treasure hunt! We got a shoe box and went on a hunt for things we could find. I let him lead the activity and simply followed.

I was surprised at the conversation and discussion we had while he found the items! I would ask questions such as “ Where do you think this feather came from?” “How do you think this type of leaf got here?” etc and his answers were really amazing! I discovered that my son knows that the feather came from a Galah because it had pink on it and that the leaves were from a gum tree!

When we had collected enough, and the rain had begun to fall, we sat under shelter and looked at what we had found. Again, we talked about what we liked the most and about what we could use them for!

Once the items dried out we used them to create a collage! Children love nothing more than to get their hands on paint, glue and glitter. For this activity, I stuck to just using glue…no pun intended.

Kids PVA glue is the best glue to use when sticking items such as these to paper. A great tip is to let the child use a popstick by dipping it into the glue and then applying it to the paper. It can get a little messy so make sure you protect whatever surface you are working on with some old newspaper or tablecloth.

I found that even just applying the glue is an art activity in itself! Watching the patterns as it drizzles onto the paper is quite intriguing and fun for a toddler or child. Then comes the next fun task of placing the items! You may find that they want to add more and more glue…..luckily the popstick limits the amount they can apply.

Once the art task has finished, let the pictures dry.
We decided to make one for my sons grandpa and put it into a frame and also display the other picture on our wall at home.

If you are using this activity for older children, you could even choose to make a scene using the items you have found or even create a drawing first and then adding the natural elements to it afterward! The possibilities are endless!

Kelly Huddy



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