Water Spray Art

Children love hands on activities and what better to include water! In Summer it’s hard for children to get outside and play, but I have a great art activity that is fun, can keep you cool and that can even be created outside in the shade!


Materials you will need:



Spray bottle with water


Using textas, get the children to draw and colour a picture onto either an A4 or A3 piece of paper. I like to show them an example by drawing a rainbow in the middle of the page.

The picture does not need to be detailed, because it will be sprayed with water in the end.

If it is hot outside, get the children to stay inside to draw and colour in their pictures explaining that they will be going outside to spray them afterward.

When they have finished, and are ready, take them outside and hang the artwork either on the clothesline, on a wall or on an easel.
The picture needs to be upright for the water to drip and create an effect with the colours.

Now for the fun finale! Get the children to spray their work with the water bottle! The colour of the textas will begin to merge and run giving a beautiful art effect!

I love seeing the children’s faces at school when they spray the water onto their artwork! Yes, they may get a little wet and want to spray each other (they are kids after all)
but the warmer the weather, the faster they will dry. This is such a fun activity to do especially when you have limited resources.

Let the pictures dry before bringing them inside to display or to laminate.I can guarantee that they will be running back inside to draw some more pictures!!!

My 3 year old son loves this activity also and it just proves that how one simple art activity can be used for all ages. I must admit, I really enjoy this one just as much as the kids do.



Kelly Huddy


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