Papercrafts basic tool kit

The basic tool kit can be broken down into sections: Section 1 – Cutting; Section 2 – Adhesives; Section 3 – Helpful tools of the trade.

Section 1: Cutting – Rulers

Rulers are great to measure up your projects. Try using a ruler to tear paper to give a distress effect to the edges of your cardstock.

Hold your ruler and paper firmly as you pull the paper along the ruler to tear. This creates a distress effect to the edges.

Section 1: Cutting – Paper Knife

The Paper Knife can be used with your ruler to cut straight lines and use to ‘fussy cut’ pictures from paper and cardstock.

Section 1: Cutting – Scissors

Scissors will be one of the handiest and most used tools. Small scissors like the ones shown with a sharp point will aid in ‘fussy cutting’ out pictures.

Section 1: Cutting – Paper Trimmer

There are a lot of varying paper cutters on the market, shown here is the Kaszazz sliding blade paper trimmer.   Use the paper trimmer for straight cuts.

To cut a straight line, push your paper against the edge of the trimmer. Gently slide the cutter across the paper to cut.







Section 2: Adhesives – Wet Glue

Shown here is Glossy Accents. Glossy Accents dries quickly and is great to attach all sorts of embellishments especially if they are metal and/or large







Squeeze the bottle to add to a hidden spot on your embellishment. Hold down firmly until glue takes hold. Glossy Accents dries clear and can be used to create a Dimensional Magic effect.

Section 2: Adhesives – 3D Mounting Tape

Enables projects to be lifted slightly from the previous project layer.

“Double-sided tape and wet glue are not a necessity as a start up item but 3D mount double-sided tape can be a great addition to your projects.”


Section 2: Adhesives – Double Sided Tape

You can use your double-sided tape to attach ribbon and some embellishments. Attaching embellishments will be a bit of trial and error depending on your brand of tape. Different tapes have different strengths Tips with using double-sided tape:

Put your tape around all edges not just one strip down the centre as shown here. Especially if you want it to sit flat and even.







When attaching, don’t remove all of the tape at once and try and line up. Pull back half of the tape leaving it attached.

Line up what you are attaching and push down on the corners that the tape is exposed.

Pull out the rest of the tape and the paper should remain where you want it to be.


Section 3: Helpful Tools – Bone Scorer

While the Bone scorer tool is better known to aid in the folding of cards to make them sit flat, they are also used in the production of paper decorations including envelop making to create clean crisp straight lines that enable the paper to fold easier.

  1. A5 Soft Pink cardstock.
  2. Fold cardstock in half, lining up corners. Gently push down.
  3. Score with bone scorer tool – Scoring will make your card sit flat.

“There are many different types of glues, tapes and tools and as you use them you too will develop your favourites.”

Section 3: Helpful Tools – Blending

Blending tools assist in colouring projects with ink.

Put on reusable foam applicator

Hold tool around timber at the bottom, not by the handle. Tap onto chosen ink pad.

Starting on the edge of your paper in a circular motion start blending, if you have a craft sheet start your circular motion on the sheet and glide it onto your paper.

Use multiple colours to create a stunning background

Section 3: More Tools

Paper Distresser

Use to create a distressed edge on your paper.

Hold paper firmly and run the distresser tool along the paper.

There is a small blade in the tool that will scrape the paper to create the distress look.


Paintbrushes come in all sizes and dependant on your project size will depend on what you use. The paintbrush will come in handy for paint, glue, wiping excess embossing powder from your projects just to name a few.


Tweezers can be used as extra set of little fingers to pick up and place objects onto your projects.


The Spatula is used as a mixed media tool. If you have just purchased your first stencil and texture paste, a spatula will assist in making the texture paste run smoothly over the stencil.


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