Elaine Heinrich

My journey to craft began after I married my husband Mark 18 years ago. Mark was a farmer so I moved from bustling Melbourne to a life of peace and quiet in Rainbow, Victoria. I remember telling Mark before we were married that I was NEVER going to be the type of woman that would sew, craft or make preserves. What a joke! Looking back now how silly was I…these are now my favourite things!!

My son was born in 2000, and a friend encouraged me along to a basic sewing class she was leading at the local learning group. I loved it. It felt extremely productive to be making my son’s clothes. A little while later, I heard there was a patchwork group that met monthly of which I started attending. Again, I loved patchwork, and the creativity and collaborative spirit of the members was amazing!

Then life changed very suddenly. Eden was born in 2001 and 11 months later along came Chelsea.   As you can image patchwork and sewing were put on the backburner and I needed something simpler to create when I did happen to find five minutes to myself.

I attended my first card-making class in 2003 and since then, paper has been one of my best friends. I couldn’t get my hands on enough paper, punches and stamps quick enough.

In 2010 I discovered Tim Holtz and this opened up a whole new world of products and techniques. This is when Kaszazz, the stockists of Tim Holtz products, came to light. I had never heard of it before but I signed up as a demonstrator as quickly as I could. I really wanted to share my passion for Tim with the world.

I began holding classes, make-and-take demonstrations and teaching techniques.   My dream was to have my own space to share with others. The Karavan of Kaszazz was born! During and before this time I was also the editor of the local newspaper, and playing such a connected role in the community brought me a lot of joy.

In 2013, life took a sharp turn.   I wish I could say it was unexpected but it really wasn’t. Due to 10 years of drought on the farm and the toll it had taken on our family, it was time to move on. Leaving the farm was hardest decision we have ever made. It still brings tears to my eyes as I write this paragraph. Three years on, I would love to tell you life is roses, but I don’t think it ever truly leaves you having to make those tough decisions. Life is a journey and it might not be the journey we thought we would take, but we need to make the most of what life throws us.

Here we are in 2016, and by day I am an Executive Assistant at a hospital. By night, I am an avid paper crafter who has by chance landed this role as editing this new magazine.

I need to come clean – I do not claim to be an expert crafter, and I am of the firm belief that sometimes your best ideas could even start with someone else’s creation.   Some of my biggest time wasters are Pinterest and YouTube.

My favourite techniques include anything to do with multimedia, mediums, layering, embellishments and anything with glitter or rhinestones, and I am a self-confessed Tim Holtz fan…so anything he does, I WANT!!

A few of my crafting tips: Don’t be afraid to get messy and experiment. Crayons, markers, texture paste, paint, gesso, ink, stains – use them all! Get your fingers dirty! I find the more mess I make, usually the better the project.

If you asked one of my close friends who shares my interest in craft, she will tell you that I think that a flourish or flower will fix most projects!!

Use your own handwriting in your journaling; it really will make your project personal.   You might have the worst handwriting in the world, but it’s yours and so are your memories.

I look forward to sharing more craft ideas with you each quarter, and seeing your own creations. At the end of the day, craft keeps our memories alive and our friendships strong!


Happy crafting!


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