Reuse and Recycle Papercrafts

It is the beginning of a new year, so why not take the opportunity to start fresh and clean out all of your unused junk, and use them for beautiful papercraft creations. Everyone has heard of the phrase turning trash into treasure! There are plenty of ways to upcycle rubbish items such as left over gift wrap, old hardback novels, and broken jewellery. Adding these items to your next scrapbooking creation, gift tag or cards will give them new life, and keep costs to a minimum.

Wrapping paper – Use leftover wrapping paper from Christmas to make origami embellishments for your next card project, or perhaps use them to build texture for a scrapbook layout.

Old books – Hollow out old, dusty books to create a unique gift box. By creating a new cover with pretty accents and papercraft techniques, the book will be given a new purpose. Use the book box to hold sentimental letters, or perhaps to store buttons or other bits and pieces. Use the leftover paper that was removed from the inside of the old novel to decorate other papercraft projects. The book pages will look great as a background for your scrapbooking layouts!

Jewellery – When going through old jewellery, keep an eye out for pieces that will make stunning embellishments for your scrapbook or a gift card. Beautiful beads will make lovely accents for the front of an art journal, and chains can create unique borders for card projects.

Colouring books – Wondering what to do with all those colouring pages you completed over the summer? Why not use them to decorate some card projects! The intricate designs from colouring books are very effective when used as backgrounds or embellishments. Don’t let your colouring books get dusty in a drawer somewhere, bring them out and have some fun with a new craft project!

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