Name Art

This activity is really colourful and looks great!! I recently used this idea for an art lesson and I was so proud of how every single student worked with each other! The students were Grade 4 (8-9 year olds) and they were engaged the whole time! Im one proud teacher and would highly recommend this art activity!


 You will need:

  • White paper
  • Led pencil
  • Coloured textas
  • Coloured pencils







The first step is to draw 2 wavy lines horizontally across the page. I explained to the students that if they ‘mirrored’ each line that it creates a great effect.

Now, starting from the top line, draw each letter of your name in block letters making sure that they touch both of the wavy lines. After the lesson I realised that you do not necessarily have to write your name this way. If you look at the photos of the students work you will see just how different each has been drawn.

After the name is complete you can create different patterns and use textas, pencil or even both to colour them in.

Finally, to make the name stand out (especially if the picture is to be displayed) outline the letters using a black texta.


I was amazed at the students creativity with this project! Every student was engaged and was able to produce a picture that they were proud of! We discussed colours that would work well together as well as all of the different types of fonts they could use to draw their name.

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