Toy Car Track Art

When you plan an art activity for children, things sometimes do not go according to plan. In this case, things definitely went off track but ended up with an amazing new and fun activity!









You will need:

  • Various toy cars (with tread on them and ones that you don’t mind getting dirty)
  • Paints in various colours
  • Lots of newspaper to cover up your work surface
  • Paint brush
  • White or coloured A3 paper
  • Container of water to clean the brushes
  • Hand wipes


The story of this activity goes like this.

 My son and I wanted to paint and I thought what better than to paint a cardboard box! My son was so excited so we got organised with the coloured paints, cardboard box, paintbrush, water container and lots and lots of scrap paper covering our work space.

It began so well! We talked about what we could turn the box into and what we could use it for. My son loves to experiment with colours so he mixed all the paints up and then started to paint the scrap paper covering the floor. My initial thought was to abort the activity because I knew that the next step would be painting either himself or the carpet. However, I was brave and what happened next was amazing!!

My car enthusiast son always carries small cars with him wherever he goes, even during this activity. He decided to get his can and do ‘burnouts’ in the brown paint which then left tyre marks on the paper! FANTASTIC!I quickly got some white and blue paper and instead of getting paranoid about using the paint and toys in this way, encouraged him to drive through the paint and see what patterns we could make! It was so much fun! Messy and fun!

This activity created so much conversation, prediction and fine motor skills and was also able to incorporate my sons love of cars and wheels. To encourage cleaning up I suggested that he take his cars to the carwash because of all of their hard work in the paint. I gave him a bucket of clean warm soapy water which then became the car wash. Win win!I learnt a lot from this activity and would love to try it again. If you decide to try this or something similar, please feel free to comment below and share! Id love to hear from you.





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